A toolkit for restaurants to work toward racial equity

Sebastian, Reyes, and Meredith Reitman, president and CEO of Reitman Research and Strategy, have together created Adding Racial Equity to the Menu: An Equity Toolkit for Restaurant Owners, a toolkit for restaurants to enforce racial equity.

“What’s different here is we’re working with employers proactively on racial equity,” says Reyes. “We’re not making claims about active discrimination. We are trying to educate people about implicit bias and trying to work together to use the toolkit in places where the employer is interested and work together to come up with some solutions.”

The problem, for example, lies with lots of businesses relying on referrals when hiring. This leads to a repetitive hiring process. “So you have this reproduction of social networks that leads to reproducing the same social environment that exists that doesn’t allow for much change to occur,” says Teofilo Reyes, research director at Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) United.

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