Arrivo speeds up Colorado drivers with system similar to Hyperloop

Smart City Chirine Etezadzadeh

In only four years, Denver airport (pictured) might be reachable in only nine minutes from the center of Denver. Image source: Shutterstock (#132225200).

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has announced it is collaborating with Arrivo to build a network of high-speed tubes to transport cars at up to 200 mph until, similar to the Hyperloop.

The system operates magnetic levitation and electric power to mitigate driving congestion by drastically reducing travel time. The tubes will be installed right next to highways, where cars can enter to get to their destinations faster. The ride from Denver to Denver International Airport, for instance, would be cut from 70 minutes to just nine. The CDOT is expecting to be go live in 2021.


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