Car-free zones could make cities safer

Smart City Chirine Etezadzadeh

How can cities protect people against terrorist attacks involving vehicles? Image source: Shutterstoch (#556730239).

After a truck attack in New York City, voices became louder that events like that are not preventable. But car-free zones in city centers would more than solve the problem.

“If somebody has a valid driver’s license and they’re not on any kind of watch list, it is very, very difficult to prevent them from renting a vehicle and conducting a lone wolf attack,’’ said Jake Jacoby, president of the Truck Renting and Leasing Association.

Driving a car is second nature to most Americans, so it is not unsurprising that the thought of banning cars did not occur to everybody. But as European cities such as Cambridge, UK and the Dutch city of Nijmegen have shown, bollards and strong political will go a long way in making cities safer and cleaner at the same time.


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