China to get rid of fossil fuel cars altogether

Smart City

Large nations, such as China with its ever-growing urbanization give a good example at eliminating fossil fuel cars, contributing to healthier urban habitats. Image source: Shutterstock (#578980213)

China is joining Britain and France in eliminating gasoline and diesel powered cars. The government is working on a national smart cars strategy, considering a ban on the production and sale of fossil-fuel vehicles, policy-makers at a forum on automotive industry development revealed.

Xin Guobin, vice industry minister, boasts that China will “elevate new-energy vehicles to a new strategic level” and urges automakers to get a thorough understanding of the situation and readjust their strategies.

If the strategy goes according to plan, electric and hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles will make up 8 percent of every auto manufacturer’s production output next year, 10 percent in 2019 and 12 percent in 2020.


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