German and Italian bus operators partner to procure fuel cell buses

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Can fuel cell buses make urban transportation more sustainable on a large scale? Image source: Shutterstock (#151741277)

Bus operators from Germany and Italy are collaborating to procure 63 fuel cell buses for their public transport systems. This is part of the JIVE (Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe) project, which is funded by the EU to deploy 139 new zero emission fuel cell buses across nine cities. The overall goal of the JIVE project, to double the number of zero emissions buses in Europe, thus is well underway.

The buses will help the testing of new hydrogen refueling stations that can serve fleets of more than 20 buses, and will also be instrumental in reducing the cost of hydrogen as well as testing the reliability of the system, of the barriers to commercialization. Another one are the comparatively high ownership costs, but reducing local public transport emissions remains a chief concern of the project.


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