IGD reveals ways grocery stores stay competitive in digital age

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How will digitalization change the way people buy groceries? Image source: Shutterstock (#597658022)

International grocery research organization IGD and The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) have identified 10 areas physical grocery stores must focus on to stay relevant to consumers in increasingly digital times. Retailers will have to keep up with online shopping experiences improving.

These areas include engaging and interacting with shoppers in a more individual way, using data and analytics to personalize service, being open to flexible store designs, investing in staff for a good customer experience with technology taking over some of the duties, and reducing the time people need to spend, for example at checkout.

“Clearly, there are risks in building the foundations for the store of the future, yet given how firmly we believe the physical store has a role to play in grocery, the risks of not investing could be even higher. Retailers and suppliers must work collaboratively to prepare and build for the future – now,” Jon Wright, EMEA Region Manager at IGD, says.

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