Lyft plans to offer scheduled rider pickups

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Scheduled and regular ride shares might be a future supplement to public transport and could positively impact the traffic extend on urban roads. Image source: Shutterstock (#478448275)

The ride-sharing player, Lyft now provides a feature to the Lyft drivers with an option of picking up a planned rider request, even in advance. Focusing more on the driver satisfaction, this feature will attract more drivers to Lyft for reasons other than flexibility in operating hours and more. According to Lyft,”With Power Zones, drivers can get paid more for every ride within a defined zone during eligible hours. It’s our easiest incentive yet, with no restrictions on car year, ride count, or acceptance rate. Power Zones are currently available in 12 cities nationwide”. Power Zones is a new bonus feature implemented by Lyft. “With scheduled pickups, a first in the ridesharing industry, drivers can view those rides the moment they’re scheduled, up to seven days early. Scheduled pickups give drivers more control over their day by displaying each ride’s distance, location, and fare up front, allowing drivers to accept the rides that work best for them,” Lyft further adds.

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