Cluster Go international in the defence and security sector

    Region: Global
    Sector: Innovation, Economy, Development
    Institution: European Commission
    PMA:* European Commission

Submission Deadline:
13 December 2017 17:00:00 (Brussels time)

Scope of Funding:

800,000 €

Type of Funding:
Grant Agreement


The initiative shall support European defence and security-related clusters and business network organisations to intensify collaboration across borders with other non-defence industrial clusters and to develop and implement joint strategies in the areas of dual use technologies, products and services towards non-EU countries.

Expected Impact:

The consortium members are expected to develop and submit a joint internationalisation strategy defining a joint ‘European’ strategic vision with a global perspective and common goals and actions towards specific third markets as well as an implementation roadmap in the European Defence & Security Sector. This way the cluster and business network collaboration will be intensified across the EU Member States and also across sectoral boundaries and the establishment of European Strategic Cluster Partnerships will be supported in order to lead international cluster cooperation in fields of strategic interest towards third countries beyond Europe and notably in support of the development of emerging industries.

Country: Several

Eligible Applicants: Please see the funding description for full details

Source: European Commission


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