Smart cart trash system receives upgrade in Grand Rapids

Smart City

Grand Rapids (pictured) is an example of how ICT can be used for smart urban waste management. Image source: Shutterstock (#528903364)

The high-tech trash collection system that has been in operation in Grand Rapids since 2012 is getting an upgrade that will make it even smarter. The innovative pay-per-tip system the city employs for trash pickup uses smart carts that will now be able to log the exact location of every cart as it is tipped, and also take pictures of evidence that service was carried out properly.

The RFID technology the carts use will not be changed, but the Grand Rapids is changing the provider of the software to make it more reliable. The city is switching to Routeware for waste management operations software and PC Scale/Tower, a division of AMCS, for a customer management system.

As trash collectors will be able to tip carts with missing RFID tags, waste management will be able to always bill the correct account.




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