Company: Airsynergy
Founded: 2008
Team: 11-50
HQ: Longford, Republic of Irland
Person in Charge: Audrey San
Field of Activity: Renewable energy, cleantech, wind and solar energy
Core Competence: Airsynergy is driven by the desire to create a new distributed model for energy consumption. Airsynergy will accomplish this by creating products that provide total energy independence for less than the cost of utility based power. For the first time, people everywhere can have total energy independence and the peace of mind of an affordable, secure, reliable power supply. Energy independence is now a real choice.
Name of our Solution: Renewable Power Unit (RPU)
What is our Solution: A smart hybrid wind and solar powered streetlight.


Airsynergy’s Renewable Power Unit (RPU) is a smart, hybrid wind and solar powered streetlight. This innovative, cleantech solution not only provides light to municipalities, but any additional power generated can be used to power Wi-Fi, CCTV, charge laptops and phones and other auxiliary power needs.


The company

Founded in 2008, Airsynergy is one of the most innovative cleantech companies in the world. Airsynergy invents, patent protects, engineers and commercialises revolutionary, renewable power generation technology. Airsynergy products provide reliable, affordable, renewable power, bringing energy independence to places never thought possible.


Our solution: The Renewable Power Unit

The off-grid Airsynergy multi-purpose Renewable Power Unit (RPU), utilising Airsynergy’s award winning technology, is the natural choice for providing independent light on roadways, walkways, parking lots and recreation areas and has added design capabilities to showcase company branding. We believe it is the best-designed, most attractive renewable street light on the market.


Our new hybrid wind and solar powered street light (RPU) utilises our award winning ‘enhancement unit’. (Image source: Airsynergy)

Key Benefits

  • Provides secure reliable remote power anywhere
  • Substantial immediate savings by avoiding trenching and cabling
  • Off grid solution to power lighting, cameras, wi-fi, sensors etc.
  • Unique elevated marketing and revenue opportunity
  • Eye catching statement of your green credentials
  • CO2 reduction equivalent of taking 2 cars off the road for five years
  • The most powerful hybrid solution on the market (1200kWh annual energy production at 5m/s)
  • Sustainable, independent, renewable power solution
  • Most economical, remote power solution – minimises treching and cabling costs
  • Standby battery storage of up to 12 days
  • Rechargeable power source and controller inside the tower
  • Smart power management for off-peak lighting periods
  • Ethernet port for simple networking
  • Easy to install and maintain with tilt-up tower technology
  • Ancillary usage – includes the pumping of water, CCTV security cameras and other micro power needs.


  • Integrated battery storage for up to 12 nights’ autonomy
  • Remote monitoring & controlling via 3G network (plus Ethernet port)
  • Smart energy management for off peak savings
  • Aesthetic and appealing design
  • Easy to install – no heavy lifting equipment required


Optional Extras

  • Second light
  • Second solar panel
  • Advertising banner & brackets
  • Facility to add own branding on tower and fin
  • Optional RAL colours for branding



The RPU patented duct augmented wind turbine (DAWT) increases the velocity of the wind owing past the blades to generate more power compared to a standard turbine. (Image source: Airsynergy)


Unit 2, Church Quarters, Granard, Co.
Longford, N39XK13
Republic of Ireland

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