New labelling system to reduce food waste at home

Smart City Chirine Etezadzadeh

Smart waste management starts with avoiding waste in the first place. Image source: Shutterstock (#503888032).

Government and waste agency WRAP has unveiled a new guidance system on how to improve food labelling in order to reduce food waste in homes. Simple lables such as a snowflake indicating suitability for freezing or the Little Blue Fridge icon to show whether an item should be kept in the fridge could help bring down domestic food waste in the UK dramatically.

“We know that confusing labels can contribute to food waste by suggesting that edible items need to be thrown away sooner than is necessary,” said Environment Minister, Thérèse Coffey, in a statement. “This new guidance will make packaging much clearer for consumers, saving them money and reducing waste.”

The system was developed with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Defra.



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