Silicon might be gamechanger for energy storage

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Efficient use of regenerative energy source requires on-going research on energy storage for renewables. Image source: Shutterstock (#702124900)

In its neverending pursuit for better storage of renewable energy, the industry is currently looking into storing energy as heat. And assumptions are that this is done best with the world’s most abundant substance, after oxygen.

Silicon is cheap and readily-available, can be heated up to 2000º C, and would take up much less space than salt, which is used to store energy as heat as well.

The European Union is investing €3.3 million into the Amadeus project to the same end. The project, led by the Solar Energy Institute at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), is set to have a prototype for the technology ready by 2019. The university even set up a company, Silistore, to profit off the technology, as their trust in the concept is strong.


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