Simple filter device makes any water drinkable

Smart City Chirine Etezadzadeh

Accessible drinking water is not self-evident for many people. Image source: Shutterstock (#420822289)

Swiss company Novomem has developed a high-tech water filter called DrinkPure, a screw-on device that makes just about any water into safe drinking water. Already implemented for outdoor use, the comany now wants to bring DrinkPure to private homes.

Christoph Kellenberger, co-Founder of Novamem, says: “It was our challenge to come up with a revolutionary new product that can effectively remove pathogens to make tap water safe, all over the world.”

Making water as clean and pure as possible, the company claims the device is capable of removing 99.9 percent of bacteria, and 99 percent of viruses, and lasts up to 130 gallons. On top of that, it can save a family $1,000 a year and can nearly completely eliminate all waste through plastic bottles.



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