Solarplicity starts major solar installation and community energy scheme

Smart City Chirine Etezadzadeh

Solarplicity shows how renewable energy can be advantageous for both the environment and the budget of private households. Image source: Shutterstock (#487278022).

Solar company Solarplicity is bringing to life a major new solar installation scheme that will deliver £192m in energy savings for the poorest of households in England and Wales. As part of a £1 billion program, the company is planning to install solar PV panels on the rooftops of up to 800,000 homes in the next five years.

Dutch firm Maas Capital is providing help in form of investment, and a Community Energy Scheme, in the framework of which residents will also receive free LEDs and smart meters, will be put in place to provide flat rate green energy tariffs to residents using power from the panels and other clean energy sources.

“Solarplicity is committed to reducing energy bills for both solar and non-solar customers. Equipping them with the latest smart technologies, and 100 per cent renewable energy, they are guaranteed to save with our Fair Market Price,” said chief executive of Solarplicity David Elbourne.


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