Expertise: Highly efficient Sensor Systems
Founded: 2012
Team: 7
HQ: Munich
Management: Thomas Hohenacker
Awards: Winner of the Technology Fast 50 Award 2016, Deloitte Technology Fast50 Innovation Award 2016, BITS & Pretzels Winner Fast Mobility 2016, Energy Awards Top3 2016, Munich Startup Award 2016, Digicon Munich Digital Innovation Award Nominee 2016, Gulf Traffic Awards Best New Parking Product Shortlist Finalist 2016


At Cleverciti, we are always innovating to keep pace with the increasingly diverse, demanding and connected world of mobility!

The newly developed Cleverciti sensor technology allows cities and parking operators to manage their on-street parking in a smart and efficient way. Patent-pending Cleverciti sensors analyse parking spaces along the streets with an update of every three seconds and send real-time data about the status (available, occupied) to the Cleverciti Cockpit or the Cleverciti App to cities, parking operators or motorists.


Our Product: Cleverciti parking sensors – monitor, analyse and measure

  • Parking spaces (marked or free floating)
  • Loading zones
  • Prohibited zones
  • and more …

Cleverciti parking sensor detection. (Image source: Cleverciti systems)


  • Scan precision = 0,005 degrees
  • GPS/map precision = 25cm
  • High speed (octacore) embedded data processing
  • Complete data analysis inside the sensor
  • Redundant LTE and Wifi transmission
  • Redundant gateway functions
  • Remote parking space setup and configuration
  • 24/7 network management
  • Self healing, self learning, remote software updates
  • Fast and easy installation on buildings or lampposts
  • Prefect night mode without need of additional lighting or infrared
  • Hard-and software compensation of wind and vibration

A Cleverciti parking sensor in Amsterdam. (Image source: Cleverciti)

The Cleverciti App – All parking spaces at a glance Drivers use the app to:

  • Get dynamique real time parking guidance to the nearest available space
  • Get the right sized space for their car model
  • Filter the right parking space according to their needs (handicapped, parking space reserved for women, …)
  • Get virtual reservation of parking space for nearest driver approaching
  • Get occupancy forecast at a desired/estimated time of arrival


The Cleverciti cockpit – make parking visible

  • Live parking data
  • Historical data per space, per area
  • Heatmaps and extensive analytics
  • Forecast parking occupancy based on exact history profiles
  • Define properties of spaces and no parking zones
  • Temporary closures of parking spaces
  • Secure password protection



  • No road blockages
  • No towing
  • No marking of parking spaces
  • Reduce search traffic
  • increase revenues
  • decrease emissions
  • improve quality of live
  • Make a contribution to a more sustainable city-life
  • let motorists save precious life time
  • reduce search traffic and pollution
  • and consequently create positive effects for the whole city.




Cleverciti Systems GmbH Hofmannstr. 54

81379 München

Phone: +49 89 78576736-23



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