TransitScreen develops tools to track multimodal mobility

The tool MobilityScore, devleoped by TransitScreen aggregates data on different mobility options. Up to now, the tool is available for the 30 largest metros in the U.S. and shows mobility scores from 0-100. Surely, there are other tools to track mobility modes, but this tool emphasizes the advantage of multimodality. For example, given a certain location in a large U.S. city, MobilityScore spits out a score between zero for no mobility to perfect mobility options. The scores given are then broken down across four shared modes of transportation: public transit, car share, ride-hailing, and bike sharing. The tool measures reliability, accessibility and frequency of the surrounding mobility modes, also differentiating between day and night modes. TransitScreen also makes ride-hailing and car-sharing data available in MobilityScore, and this in almost real-time. This makes it compatible towards other similar urban tracking tools.


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